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Hands On at Handed By!

December 27, 2016

The new 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter collection was launched at the start of this month! We certainly worked hard to meet the deadlines, both for the new collections and the new catalogue. The whole team is so proud of what we have achieved!


Take it to a higher level!


That is our prime focus. We are taking Handed By’s products to a higher level, not just literally, but figuratively too! We have illustrated this in the new catalogue with surprising images. We portray those same images in the product presentations on our stands.

The trade fair season is always an exciting and hectic time. It requires a great deal of preparation, time and space. Have a look at how we are preparing ourselves for the 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter trade fairs.

Many projects coincide during trade fair preparations. The containers carrying the new collection are delivered and must be unloaded, the stand is constructed to scale in the back of our warehouse and at the same time, the design studio is full of ideas for the next collection. It is always a race against time, which we see as a challenge.



We manage the entire process in-house. Whether it is the design of the stand, packing trade fair items, or building the stand prototype; it requires focus from all of us. It is a wonderful process in which everyone has and fulfils their responsibilities. If one part is missing, another part cannot function. It is pleasing to see that engaging in trade fairs in a socially responsible way comes naturally. We recycle as much trade fair material as possible and in terms of logistics, we deploy our trucks as efficiently as possible.




Our own team builds the stand. Using current digital tools, we are able to follow the stand building process remotely and support our colleagues where necessary. If there is a hitch, or if things do not go exactly as planned, we always look for a solution together. It is very satisfying when everything works according to the original design. Our stand building team goes home feeling enthusiastic and our sales representatives can start the trade fair feeling good.




It is a huge challenge to pull it off every season. After all, a visit by (potential) clients to one of the trade fairs is the first time a client is exposed to the new collection. It is of great importance to create the right atmosphere at our stands – the well-known, surprising ‘Handed by’ atmosphere that allows new collections to come into their own optimally. The positive reactions we receive from our agents and clients are the icing on our cake.





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